READcently... Summer may be ending but books are forever

29 Aug 2019

Hi friends! Long time, no write, huh? I’ve considered the last…month-ish to be my summer vacation from the blog, but WE BACK. I hope everyone’s had a lovely break from me and spent the time on productive things like catching up on all the books I’ve recommended to you. Today, I have a whole new crop of titles to share! #2, 3, and 4 come out this coming Tuesday, September 3rd, so you can use the weekend to plan your trip to the bookstore/library. And if you need reading material in the meantime, #1 is already on shelves out there waiting for your grabby hands. Let’s get started, okay?

  1. Screen Queens by Lori Goldstein — This is the story of three teen girls with vastly different personalities and backgrounds who are placed on the same team at a tech start-up-y incubator-y summer program in Silicon Valley. For the first third to half of the book, I was just like, “aw, cute unlikely friendship story.” But then the other shoe dropped and suddenly holy **** we’re destroying the patriarchy??? It’s a smart, well-crafted take-down of the toxic culture specific to the tech industry as well as sexism more generally in our society, and I am HERE FOR IT. Told through the switching perspectives of compelling protagonists with their own varying and relatable baggage, this book takes on some heavy subject matter while staying accessible and fun. I seriously wish I’d had it when I was a teen and hope it finds its way to many a reader out there who could benefit from its lessons.
  2. Dear Haiti, Love Alaine by Maika Moulite and Maritza Moulite — I love, love, love an epistolary novel, where the story is told by things like letters, diary entries, texts, emails, etc, instead of a traditional narrative structure, and this is one of the most enjoyable I’ve read! After a school presentation goes awry, Alaine must spend her suspension volunteering at her aunt’s nonprofit in her mother’s home country of Haiti. In her hilarious, authentic voice, she takes readers through the ensuing couple of months of learning about her family, Haitian history and culture, the nonprofit’s activities, and a cute boy intern. This story was so immersive and shows readers a different side of Haiti than what is propagated in mainstream media, without ever feeling info-dumpy. Highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys reading about travel, complicated family dynamics, a little romance, and a lot of humor.
  3. American Royals by Katharine McGee — Another new release coming Tuesday, this one imagines a world in which George Washington became America’s first king after the Revolution, and the U.S. still has a monarchy today. If you know…anything about me at all, you probably know that I’m always all in for royals, so it was not hard for me to get hooked here. There is a lot going on for the three heirs to the Washington throne, mainly involving forbidden romances and trouble accepting the whole ruling-a-country destiny, and all of it is JUICY. Be warned that it’s also the first in a series, which I stupidly didn’t realize until the end and now I must have the second book, like, tomorrow, please, I just need Princess Beatrice to be happy??? And I need you all to read book 1 so we can commiserate.
  4. The Lady Rogue by Jenn Bennett — I have been a fan of every Jenn Bennett contemporary I’ve read (which is all of them) and was SO EXCITED to hear she was writing a historical adventure novel. Even more exciting was when I got an early copy. This is a wild ride across Eastern Europe in the 1930s, and it’s a total blast. It follows Theodora and her former-BFF-turned-lover-turned-who-knows as they race all over the place trying to find her missing father and avoid getting kidnapped by evil people also looking for said father. There is a lot of history (both real and invented) about Romania, Vlad the Impaler, and Dracula; there’s slow burning romance; there’s even some ~*~magic~*~ and general spookiness, and I loved it alllllll. This is an especially good read for Halloween enthusiasts to get you in the mood heading toward fall, but also for anyone who has ever dreamt of riding on the Orient Express with a dashing gent who’s madly in love with you. A highly specific dream that I didn’t realize I had until I read this book.

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully adding some new titles to your TBR list today! Let me know if you end up reading any of the above and we can gush about brilliant stories together.

Until next time…!