Deutschland and Disney

05 Jul 2014

(Originally posted on my old personal blog, Adventures with KHill!)

Hello all. It’s been another great week here in good ole Alemania and I feel like writing about it before I forget everything that’s happened. Hurr we go.

Monday: I don’t remember this day very well. I think it’s because of residual Salzburg tiredness or it could be this beer-filled Bavarian air just blurring my memories through osmosis. Actually it’s definitely the first one. All I remember is going to class then going into town later and doing some shopping. I got some great Germany apparel/gifts for some family members, boyfriend, and (most importantly) myself. Sorry for the lame start to this blog.

Tuesday: On this day, most of our group went after school on the SBahn to the city of Dachau. There, we went first to the famous concentration camp. Even though I had been there before, I don’t think that is ever something that will not shock me. It’s unfathomable that such a thing as the Holocaust was real or that people were treated the way they were at Dachau. The museum there is just so interesting and devastating, and I recommend that everyone who visits this area makes a trip there. It speaks to such a tragic and important part of recent human history and I feel that the museum/memorial does a good job honoring those who perished. Very moving. On a lighter note, we got to hang out for a while in the city of Dachau and I am so glad that we did. It is really a beautiful little town with a castle on top of a hill that, of course, we walked up to and saw lovely views. Tuesday ended with eating a Döner box (like a gyro minus vegetables plus french fries and more spices) and it was basically a religious experience.

Wednesday: Such a cool day. After school, some friends and I went into Munich to go to Milka Welt. Milka is this incredible German chocolate that I love more than I could ever love Hershey’s. I am going to be that girl who went to Germany and became a chocolate snob and makes it her life mission to tell all the plebeians in America that they don’t know good chocolate until they go to Germany. So Milka Welt was awesome and the chocolate was cheap so I bought 5 big bars in different flavors and a Milka umbrella because it was raining. Unfortunately, the umbrella was fabric and not chocolate. But I guess a chocolate umbrella wouldn’t be overly practical. Going back to Milka Welt before I leave, no doubt. After that we were just walking around and happened upon a theater where the Munich International Film Festival was going on! It just so happened that a Canadian movie starring one of the most attractive actors ever, Taylor Kitsch of Friday Night Lights fame, was starting in 10 minutes. Obviously we snatched some tickets. The movie was so so great and in English with German subtitles so I didn’t even have to determine when to laugh based on when the Germans laughed - the jokes were in my language! So that was just a really cool experience that I feel lucky to have had.

Thursday: We went to the Englischer Garten, which is this massive, beautiful park in downtown Munich. It reminded me of Central Park but even bigger. It had some cool architecture and lots of old naked people sunbathing, which could also be described as cool if you are into that kind of thing. I’m not really, but it was still a fun experience and I had a good strawberry smoothie. This day was kind of like Monday in that not a lot of exciting things happened but it was still really nice.

Friday: No class wooo! This has been our first long weekend of the trip and it has been really, really nice to just have free time. Yesterday was the day of the Germany/France fußball spiel (#multilingual) and people take this stuff seriously. We discovered that when we got to the biergarten for the last game three hours early and barely found a table. So yesterday we went to the grocery store at 1 and brought a bunch of food to picnic with, then got to the biergarten by 2ish for a game that didn’t start until 6. I have never put so much dedication into my bandwagon fanhood! I felt especially authentic wearing my German flag face paint and flower lei that definitely in no way scream “I am a tourist who bought this in a ‘public viewing kit’ at a souvenir store.” (Really they totally scream that but I care not!) Anyways, we won the game and there was much rejoicing! Then the whole crew went to a different biergarten to watch the Brazil/Colombia game and I left at halftime because sleep is the best. All in all a really great day.

Saturday a.k.a. today sort of: Some friends and I went into Munich and just walked around a lot with no real agenda which was awesome. We ate some delicious food at a little cafe near the university, then took the subway out to the Olympic Park from when Munich hosted the 1972 Summer Olympics. What a weird and neat place. We walked all around it and went briefly into BMW-Welt, which is right by it. We’re thinking of going back to see the BMW museum sometime when we have more time. Then Meaghan and I came home and ate some potato soup with wurst in it which was stupendous, of course. After dinner, our host mom took us to see Maleficent at a nearby movie theater! Thus the title of this post, in case you were beginning to wonder. The movie theater was so small and nice and apparently salty popcorn is not a popular movie food here. Instead, people have sweet popcorn that’s sort of close to kettle corn, or nachos. I had the kettle corn and a lemon iced tea because I MISS IT. I didn’t realize how much I drink sweet tea at home until I came here. I hate being a stereotypical southern person. I hadn’t seen Maleficent yet and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I understood the movie in German! I really really loved it, and it combined two of my favorite things: Germany and Disney. I also thought it was cool because Sleeping Beauty is originally a German fairy tale by the name of Little Briar Rose/Dornröschen. We did a fairytale unit in high school German class and since I’ve been obsessed with fairy tales my whole life, it made me love the German language even more. It was really cool to bring those worlds together whilst eating fattening candy popcorn.

This post has been way longer than I expected.

TL;DR: Get offa here if you can’t read a few paragraphs, ya lazy.

Love to all my people in da U S of A on this Independence Day weekend,