08 Jun 2014

(Originally posted on my old personal blog, Adventures with KHill!)

I really hate reading my own writing. I tried blogging several times throughout my angsty teenage years and am horribly embarrassed looking back at how clever or funny or enlightened I thought I was at the time. I am hoping this will not be the same experience.

I’ll be leaving in roughly two weeks to study in Munich, Germany, for the rest of the summer, and I feel like this whole blog thing is a good way to inform family and friends of what I’m up to and to save some memories for myself. One might say, “Kaitlyn, you will only be gone for six weeks. Quit acting like a cool travel blogger!” I would say to One, “Leave me alone, sasspants!” But really, this is the longest I will have ever spent away from my family/friends/country and I’ve always regretted not keeping better documentation of my previous awesome trips. Hopefully this will get me into a routine of writing down the most wonderful experiences I have in future travels so I can retell all the stories as an old lady to my grandchildren who won’t really care.

Also, my apologies in advance to any and all readers for how weird I am. More apologies to my future self for any embarrassment I am causing you.

Auf Wiedersehen…